About Us

Fandomz.org is a survey/poll hosting and publishing service. The platform was established for publishers to create polls and surveys and for users to easily and securely vote on any kind of poll or survey on the internet.

The platform was built to focus on fulfilling the needs of carrying out a survey/poll competition on the internet in whatever sector is needed be it politics, sports entertainment and more.

With adequate security for both publishers and voters, Fandomz can be said to be the most reasonable poll hosting and publishing service right now.


polls/survey publishing:

Fandomz.org host and publish polls on several topics based on the request of users on the website, the charge for this is between 0-5 dollars (one-time fee). The poll will only be available on our website only. Links can be shared to your audience on the internet to vote.

premium survey/polls hosting:

This option is for professional survey and poll organisers on the internet who wants to embed polls on their website, fully hosted by us with the best security there is. Fandomz.org polls are protected by several firewalls, and security validation on polls e.g Google Recaptcha, Maths Captcha, GeeTest and many more.

Pricing for premium accounts starts at $99 per month.