EntertainmentShekhinah Profile, Age, Family, Real Name, Awards, Net Worth 2024

Shekhinah Profile, Age, Family, Real Name, Awards, Net Worth 2024

BIRTH NAME: Shekhinah Thandi Donnell

BIRTH DATE: 2 October 1994



OCCUPATION: Singer-songwriter


Early Life And Career

It was in Durban, South Africa, when she was born. An obstacle marked the beginning of Shekhinah’s life. She was supposedly abandoned by her real parents when she was born, but her life took a turn for the better when she was adopted and taken in by the Donnell family, who gave her a nurturing and encouraging upbringing.

In addition to providing her with both physical and emotional support throughout her journey, her foster father, Phil Donnell, was an essential figure in her development as an individual and as an artist by providing both.

Despite the fact that her adoptive mother lives in the United States, the link between them continues to be strong, and visits help bridge the geographical gap between them.

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Right from a young age, it was clear that Shekhinah had a strong interest in music. Through her participation in musicals throughout her infancy and early adolescence, she was able to perfect her expertise in singing and performing. It was when she competed in the seventh season of the iconic television show IDOLS in South Africa that she achieved her breakthrough. She made it to the top 32 in the competition. Shekhinah chose to return for the eighth season, despite the fact that she had been eliminated in the first season. She achieved a surprising placement in the top six. As a result of her unwavering commitment to her profession, she decided to enroll in the Live Performance program at AFDA in 2017.

Shekhinah Personal Relationship

Shekhinah, a singer and songwriter, is keeping her love life private at the moment, but she use to be in a relationship

Shekhinah Awards / Nominations

Shekhinah has a great showing at the South African Music Awards (SAMA), which will be held later this year.
She was awarded Album of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, and Best Newcomer in 2018, all of which were brought about by her debut album, which was titled “Rosegold” and was released in 2017.
In the same year, she was also considered for the award for Best Pop Album.
After the release of her album “Trouble in Paradise” in 2021, she was awarded the title of Best Pop Album.

Shekhinah Parents / Family

The decision to abandon Shekhinah Singer at birth was made by her biological parents. To her good fortune, the Donnell family came to her aid and went on to adopt her. As a result of her foster father, Phil Donnell, who has been instrumental in assisting her in the development of her professional career, she has formed a great bond with her adoptive parents. In addition to providing her with physical support, he has also shown her emotional support and believed in her, which has helped her development.

Shekhinah Net Worth 2024

Talented and young singer Shekhinah Thandi Donnell, who is 29 years old, has a net worth that ranges from $1 Million to $5 million dollars, according to Wikipedia and Forbes.

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