ProfileThe Top 10 Richest Family In The World 2024

The Top 10 Richest Family In The World 2024

The House of Nahyan has achieved a historic milestone by rising to the top of Bloomberg’s annual family fortunes ranking. With an astounding $305 billion in wealth, they surpass even the Waltons of Walmart Inc. by a whopping $45 billion.The fifth position on the list was taken by the Al Thanis, the royal family of Qatar, making their debut and solidifying the dominance of petro-fortunes in the world of business. The significant financial power of the Al Nahyans and Al Thanis contributes a multibillion-dollar emphasis to the region’s growing importance.

It is indisputable that petro-fortunes have had a revolutionary effect on the world of business. It is highly probable that the Al Nahyan, Al Thanis, and their Gulf equivalents would outperform the cautious projections, therefore consolidating their status as significant entities possessing unparalleled financial influence.

These Are The Top 10 Richest Family In The World 2024

10. Thompson FamilyEstablished in the early 1930s, the wealthiest family in Canada attributes its success to Roy Thomson’s establishment of an Ontario radio station. After venturing into the newspaper business, he went on to become the country’s leading media owner and was granted the title of 1st Baron Thomson of Fleet. At the moment, the family has a sizeable 69% stake in the financial services and data giant Thomson Reuters through their investment company Woodbridge. Last year, this Toronto-based company brought in $6.6 billion in revenue.In 2018, Thomson Reuters made a significant announcement regarding the $17 billion sale of a majority stake in Refinitiv, a well-known provider of financial data, to Blackstone. The family further solidifies their media presence by owning the Toronto-based Globe and Mail newspaper, and they also have a share in Bell Canada, a dominant player in the telecommunications industry. The family’s influence on important sectors of Canada’s economy is highlighted by this varied portfolio.

9. Wertheimer FamilyAlain and Gerard Wertheimer are reaping the rewards of their grandfather’s inspirational backing of fashion designer Coco Chanel in 1920s Paris. Due to this foresight, the family was able to acquire the closely held design firm, which is well-known for creating the “little black dress” and for generating an incredible $17.2 billion in revenue in 2022. To further diversify their holdings, the Wertheimers have stakes in vineyards and racehorses in addition to their design endeavors.Their half-brother, Charles Heilbronn, is in charge of the family office, Mousse Partners, which manages their diverse assets and interests. Notably, a major change in the leadership of the esteemed fashion conglomerate occurred in 2022 when Leena Nair succeeded Alain Wertheimer as CEO of Chanel. This change emphasizes how the brand will continue to grow and develop under the new leadership, and the Wertheimer family continues to retain a varied portfolio that goes beyond the world of fashion.

8. Ambani FamilyIn the 1950s, Dhirubhai Ambani, the father of Anil and Mukesh Ambani, laid the groundwork for the future Reliance Industries. After Dhirubhai died without leaving a will in 2002, his widow was instrumental in reaching a settlement amongst her sons over who would handle the family’s large fortune. As of right now, Mukesh Ambani is the head of the Mumbai-based company that owns the biggest oil refining plant in the world.Though he lives in an incredible 27-story home that is regarded as the most costly private property in the world, Mukesh Ambani’s influence goes beyond corporate leadership. This extravagant testimony to grandeur highlights the importance of the Ambani family in business and the long-lasting impact of Dhirubhai’s entrepreneurial vision.

7. Al Saud FamilyThe kingdom that bears the name of Saudi Arabia, an ancient 91-year-old monarchy, owes its wealth to its unrivaled oil reserves. The estimated net worth is calculated using the total payouts that members of the royal family are thought to have received from the king’s executive office, the Royal Diwan, over the course of the last 50 years. It’s important to remember that this figure is simply an approximation and that the total wealth held by the approximately 15,000 members of the royal family’s extended family is likely far more.In addition to receiving stipends, many royals have amassed riches through profitable ventures like negotiating government contracts, negotiating important real estate transactions, and starting companies that serve state organizations like Saudi Aramco. The Public Investment Fund (PIF), a sovereign wealth fund with assets over $700 billion, further demonstrates the kingdom’s financial competence.Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the individual owner of assets worth more than $1 billion. This complex picture of wealth highlights the variety of ways the Saudi royal family has accumulated and maintains its significant financial power.

6. Koch FamilyThe oil business owned by their father Fred was inherited by siblings Frederick, Charles, David, and William. But in the early 1980s, a family feud over authority emerged, forcing Frederick and William out of the family company while Charles and David stayed. From this first endeavor, Koch Industries grew into a $125 billion-a-year corporation with its headquarters located in Wichita, Kansas.With the family office, 1888 Management, the family manages a portion of their significant wealth. Charles Koch has demonstrated a charitable bent since 2020 when he gave $5.3 billion worth of Koch Industries shares to two charity organizations connected to his Stand Together network. This family’s dedication to social impact and coordinating their riches with programs meant to spark positive change is demonstrated by their strategic philanthropy.

5. Al Thani FamilyThe Al Thani family’s rule in Qatar dates back to the middle of the 1800s, during which time the country experienced a number of turbulent events, including the birth of the modern state, conflicts, and even coups. Although the discovery of oil in the 1940s was an important turning point in the country’s history, the real revolution that catapulted its leaders to the top of global wealth was the deliberate exploitation of enormous offshore gas reserves.Family members are deeply involved in the political system, occupy key jobs, and have a significant impact on the local economy. Their holdings cover a wide range of industries, from contracting, insurance, and hospitality to highly sought-after overseas properties, such as exclusive stud farms, luxurious London real estate, and the renowned fashion brand Valentino.There are thousands of members of the Al Thani family, yet only a few powerful lineages hold the majority of the total population. Harvard University research indicates that at certain points in time, their representation has accounted for almost half of Qatar’s tiny citizenry. This complex web highlights the family’s pervasive influence and centralized power inside the framework of the country.

4. Mars FamilyFrank Mars began his entrepreneurial career in 1902, when he was just 19 years old, selling molasses candies. The company he carefully built is well-known for its signature items, which include Milky Way, Snickers bars, and M&Ms. Even while these confections are well-known, it’s important to remember that the company’s portfolio is diverse and goes beyond confections; pet care goods account for more than half of the company’s outstanding $47 billion in revenue.This privately owned company, which is based in McLean, Virginia, is an example of the Mars family’s lasting legacy. The Mars family is the company’s owners. This family-style leadership is a testament to the company’s legacy as well as its commitment to innovation and changing with the needs of its customers.

3. Hermes FamilyKnown for being a sixth-generation family, this family owns the famous French luxury fashion brand, which is well-known for their extravagant Kelly bags, which frequently fetch upwards of $300,000 at auction. At the highest levels of this esteemed family enterprise, prominent figures such as Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the creative director, and Axel Dumas, the executive chairman, occupy prominent leadership positions.The history of this fashion brand begins in 1837, when Thierry Hermès began creating riding apparel specifically designed for aristocrats. This marked the beginning of a heritage marked by fine workmanship and a dedication to style.

2. Walton FamilyWith a revenue of $611.3 billion in the most recent fiscal year, Walmart is the largest retailer in the world by far. This is made possible by its extensive global network of over 10,500 locations. The Waltons, who have a sizeable 46% ownership stake in the Bentonville, Arkansas-based company, are in charge of this retail behemoth. The foundation of the biggest fortune in the US is this ownership stake.Since 2001, the three most prominent surviving members of the Walton family—Rob, Jim, and Alice Walton—have all kept their places among the top twenty on the Forbes 400 list. This persistent presence is a testament to the family’s enduring wealth. In addition, the late John Walton (d. 2005) and Helen Walton (d. 2007) both occupied prestigious spots on the Forbes 400 list before to their respective deaths. After John died, Christy Walton took over his spot in the rankings with ease, highlighting the Walton family’s long tradition and power in the world of affluence.

1. AL Nahyan FamilyList of the World’s Richest Families, 2023
The capital and home to the majority of the country’s oil reserves is Abu Dhabi, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. The Al Nahyan family has been in charge of the area that is now the United Arab Emirates for many years; this was before the oil boom, which had a profound impact on the economy and the royal family’s finances.The president of the nation is also Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the ruler of Abu Dhabi. It is not unusual for different family members to hold roles in the public and private spheres, making it difficult to distinguish between the interests of the state and private ones.As national security adviser, Sheikh Tahnoon is in charge of very large assets, including sovereign and personal finances, valued at around $1.5 trillion, indicating a significant network of wealth and power.

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