ProfileTop 10 Most Populated Countries In The World 2024

Top 10 Most Populated Countries In The World 2024

The world’s largest populations are spread over the planet, but India is expected to become the largest later this year.

We’ve used the latest population census for each country

The most populous nation 2024: Ever wondered which country has the most people? Stop looking. This blog examines the top 10 most populous countries in 2024, including demographics, education, and fascinating facts. Explore each country’s unique traits, from India’s bustling megacities to China’s huge landscapes.

World-most populous nation
World’s most populous country: We usually think of India and China when we talk about the most populous country. As it should be. India is the world’s most populous country with 1,428,627,663 people in 2023. China, previously the most populous nation, fell to second in 2024 with 1,425,671,352. Worldometer estimates that India and China make up 35% of the global population.

10. Mexico Population: 128.6 million.

Fun fact: Mexico has more Spanish speakers than Spain.

As the world’s 13th largest country by area, its population matches its size.

In southern North America is Mexico, officially the United Mexican States. It is the 10th-most populous country and the most populous Spanish-speaking country, with approximately 128.6 million. people and 1,972,550 km2 (761,610 sq mi) of land The federal constitutional republic of Mexico has 31 states and Mexico City. In addition to marine borders with the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico, it borders the United States to the north, Guatemala and Belize to the southeast, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

9. Russia: Population: 146.4 million.

The reopened Amber Room, a Tsar hangout, in St. Petersburg.

No one knows where the original is.

Despite being on two continents, it is the most populous country in Europe and the ninth-most populous globally.

The demographic issue in Ukraine has exacerbated since the Russian invasion in 2022, when high military deaths and Western mass-sanctions and boycotts induced brain drain and human capital flight Many commentators expect a worse condition than in the 1990s.

The Economist stated in March 2023 that “Over the past three years the country has lost around 2 million more people than it would ordinarily have done, as a result of war [in Ukraine], disease and exodus.”

If demographic trends continue, Russia’s population would drop 17% to 120 million in 50 years, according to the UN

8. Bangladesh Population

(169.8 million)

Bangladesh, one of the world’s densest countries, covers 148,500 square kilometres.

In contrast, Australia has 26 million people over 7.7 million kilometres.

7. Brazil

( 216 million people)

Brazil, known for football, gastronomy, and festivals, is the only American nation to make Portuguese its official language.

Brazil has the largest Roman Catholic population, but not the largest proportion.

About 64% of Brazilians are Roman Catholic, with the Vatican at 100%.

6. Nigeria

( 218.5 million)

The most populous African nation.

One of the longest-inhabited states, Nigeria was originally unified in the 15th century BCE, albeit with different borders.

5. Pakistan Population

(235.8 million)

Pakistan lost control of Bangladesh in 1971 after the British Empire separated it from India as a home for Muslims in 1947.

Pakistan has one of the largest militaries.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia (275.7 million)

Our neighbor is the world’s third largest and most diversified country within close proximity.

Over 17,000 islands have hundreds of linguistic groupings.

3. United States

(334.6 million)

America is the only Western nation in the top 10.

It spreads 10 times Australia’s population into a terrain of the same size, at least in the lower 48.

But it’s exponential from here…

2. India

(1.39 billion)

India’s burgeoning population and wealth and middle class have come at a cost as wealth inequality has grown.

However, it is becoming a global power.

Remember that it has one of the few non-US film industries recognized by name.

1. China

( 1.41 billion)

Probably not for long.

China is expected to fall behind India this year due to its faltering economy, aging population, and declining birth rate.

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